Manufacturing with Love & Care

Manufacturing with Love & Care

When we started Bleuet, one of our biggest priorities was to ensure that our apparel is responsibly-made. I realize that people throw that term around a lot these days and you may wonder what it means exactly. 

When a garment is made responsibly, it means that it's made in a manufacturing facility that provides safe working conditions for all of its employees. It means that the person (most often a woman) making your clothes is paid a living wage, a wage that enables her to provide for her family. It means that this person is also treated fairly. After all, the person making your clothes is a human worthy of love and respect. This person matters, and we want to choose manufacturing partners that believe the same. 

Sadly, not everyone does make this choice. There are many factories out there that don't pay enough for their workers to put food on the table, that abuse their employees, and that have unsafe working environments. Often, this is reflected in the super low price of a garment. To us, this lower price just isn't worth the human cost behind it. 

We want to regularly offer a peek into our manufacturing process and the facilities so you can see that we are being transparent. 

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