It's World Kindness Day! Kind Actions You Can Take Today.

It's World Kindness Day! Kind Actions You Can Take Today.

Kindness really IS MAGIC. And when you spread it around like fairy dust, it becomes contagious! 

Looking for ways to be kind to others today and everyday? Here's a list of kind actions:

-Help someone before they ask.

-Let someone go in front of you in line.

-Call a relative just to say "hello!"

-Send someone flowers.

-Bake cookies for your neighbor.

-Purchase a Bleuet Giving Gift to give to someone in need and support a girl entrepreneur 

-Make homemade dog treats and take them to a shelter.

-Compliment a stranger.

-Bake treats for your local police or fire department.

-Buy the person behind you coffee.

-Leave treats in your mailbox for your mail carrier.

-Send a care package to soldiers.

-Paint rocks and hide them for others to find.

-Donate food to a food bank.

-Send a card to make someone's day. 

-Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter.

-Carry a stranger's groceries.

-Draw a picture for someone.

-Leave a friendly note in a library book.

-Volunteer your time in the community.

-Donate outgrown clothing to someone in need.

-Smile at as many people as you can today.

-Choose a toy to donate to a charity.

-Pick flowers and give them to someone.

-Write a thank you to a teacher.

-Sponsor a child in need.

-Help someone with yard work.

-Read to a younger sibling.

-Eat with someone new at lunch / invite someone new to your table.

-Make a birdfeeder.

-Make cards for residents at a nursing home.


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