I'm Proud of You & I See You

I'm Proud of You & I See You

Our kids are doing something that we've never done before: being a tween or teen during a pandemic. Even if things are more "normal" where you live, these Covid times continue to impact our kids in many ways.

I was reminded to stop & tell mine how proud I am of them. How I believe in them. How I know they are strong. How I see them continuing on each day even when it is hard. How they are trying their best.

Lisa Damour, psychologist and writer of Untangled, also suggests the following:

1) Hug your tween / teen.  Even a quick rub on the back will do if they are hug averse right now. Damour says teens are especially longing for physical contact (since they tend to flop all over their friends).

2) Tell them they are doing such a good job right now (like I mentioned above). Shower them with open admiration.

3) Discuss safe options to hang out with friends. If you are at odds with your teen on this, empathize that their "new normal" is awful.

Sending our love and pray you and yours are staying well!


XO, Liz

CEO & Co-Founder


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