I see you moms...

I see you moms...

I see you moms out there doing the hard work.

I see you trying to keep it all together.

I see you in awe at how beautiful she is. I

see you wondering what to do.

I see you in the car line anxiously awaiting her arrival.

I see you baking at 10pm for teacher appreciation.

I see you taking away her screen time.

I see you make a sandwich while drinking coffee & cooking eggs at the same time.

I see your late night worries.

I see your sweet snuggles.

see you who gets no break.

I see your pain when she screams again that “you don’t understand and never will.” I see you take pride in watching her on stage.

I see you whispering “it’s ok” when her team loses.

I see you who are tired, feeling sick, weary.

I see you juggling a lot.

I see you shutter at the slammed door.

I see you spend days planning her birthday party.

I see you trying to co-parent with your ex.

I see you laughing at YouTube videos with her.

I see you helping her with math problems.

I see you feel confused when she acts like she doesn’t need you.

I see you racing from work to pick her up.

I see you staying up all night when she is sick.

I see you searching for her soccer jersey or a red shirt for her performance.

I see you, the perfect mom for her.

I want you to know:

You are an amazing mom.

You are not alone.

Though our struggles may look different, we are all fighting our own battles as moms.

And we need to acknowledge that this day brings pain for many. Thinking of those of you who feel loss today. Sending you 💜

Hope you have a lovely, relaxing day!

You deserve it, moms!

XO, Liz

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