Tips for Teens and Tweens on How to Buy a Bra

Tips for Teens and Tweens on How to Buy a Bra


Let's be real. Finding the right bra is more than just a fashion statement. It's about feeling comfy and confident in your own skin. We're here to break it all down for you – from figuring out your perfect size (because no two bodies are the same, and that's awesome!) to choosing styles that make you say, "Yep, that's so me!" πŸ™ŒΒ 

Ready to dive in? Let's do this! πŸš€ Your ultimate guide to bra shopping starts now!

Measuring and Sizing

Finding the right bra size can be a bit like solving a fun puzzle – it's all about getting the pieces to fit just right! Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you measure yourself for a bra.


What to Do


1. Measure Your Band Size

Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your ribcage, right under your bust. Make sure the tape is straight and level.

Breathe normally and stand relaxed. Don't pull the tape too tight!

2. Measure Your Bust Size

Now, measure the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape level, but again, not too tight. You got this!✌️

Wear a non-padded bra for this. It helps in getting a more accurate measurement.

3. Calculate Your Bra Size

Subtract your band size from your bust size. The difference gives you your cup size.

Every inch difference equals one cup size up. For example, a 1-inch difference is an A cup.

It’s common to have a few sizing issues when your body is changing so often. Here are some problems a lot of teens face and a few ways to solve them:


What You Might Notice

How to Fix It

Tight Band

The band digs into your skin or feels uncomfortable.

Try a band size up. Remember, the band should be snug but not tight.

Loose Band

The band rides up your back.

Go one band size down. It should stay level and secure.

Spilling Cups

Your bust spills over the top or sides of the cups.

Consider a larger cup size. You want everything to fit comfortably inside the cups.

Gapping Cups

There's space or gaps at the top of the cups.

Try a smaller cup size or a different bra style. Find what feels right!Β 

Straps Digging In

The straps leave marks or dig into your shoulders.

Loosen the straps; if they still slip, the band might be too large, making the straps bear more weight.

Sliding Straps

The straps keep falling off your shoulders.

Tighten them up! If they keep sliding, the bra might be too big, or the style isn't quite right for your shoulders.

Remember, the perfect fit is about feeling great and confident. If a bra doesn't feel quite right, don't be afraid to try a different size or style. Your comfort is the key! πŸ“βœ¨

Choosing the Right Style

Different styles serve different purposes and work better with certain outfits. Here's a breakdown of popular teen bra styles and when to wear them, all in a handy table. Let's find your perfect match!

Bra Style


Best For

Everyday Bras

These are your go-to for daily wear. Comfortable, with just the right amount of support for day-to-day activities. Our Bleum Petal padded bras are a great everyday option.

School, hanging out with friends, or any casual day.

Sports Bras

Designed for physical activity. They provide extra support and are made with materials that can handle sweat. We have a fantastic active and dance collection to choose from.

Gym class, sports practice, or an active day.


Light and often lacy, with no wires. They offer light support and are super comfy. Check out our ultra-soft first bras.

Relaxing days, under loose tops, or when you want to feel effortlessly chic.

T-Shirt Bras

Smooth and seamless, perfect under-fitted tops. They usually have molded cups for a smooth silhouette. Our Iris soft cup bra is the perfect choice and offers extra coverage and support.Β 

Wear under tight or light-colored tops where you don't want your bra to show.

Teen Bra Shopping Tips

Okay, we have covered the essentials. So, are you ready to go bra shopping? We've got some savvy shopping tips for you that make sure you find that perfect bra without breaking the bank or the planet! πŸŒπŸ’–Β 

Also, deciding whether to shop online or in-store for your new bra can be a huge decision. Both have their perks and quirks, so let's dive in to figure out what's best for you.

  • Online Shopping: The world of online shopping is super convenient – you can browse a ton of options from the comfort of your home. It's great for comparing prices and styles quickly. Plus, you often find more variety online than in a single store. The only downside? You can't try things on before buying, and sometimes sizes vary between brands. But don't worry, you can totally work around this! Just make sure to check out the size guides, read customer reviews for insights, and look for stores like Bleuet with free returns. That way, if something doesn't fit just right, you can easily swap it.
  • In-Store Shopping: If you're someone who likes to see and feel things before buying, in-store shopping is your go-to. It's awesome because you can try on different styles and sizes to see what feels best. Plus, if you're unsure, there's usually someone there to help with fitting and answer your questions. The trade-off? It might take a bit more time, and some stores might not have as many options available. But hey, it's a great excuse for a shopping trip! Just remember to wear something comfy for easy trying on, and don't be shy about asking for help if you need it.

Once you’ve decided where to buy a bra, try to stick to these six smart shopping tips:

  1. Set a Budget: Decide on your spending limit before you begin. This keeps you focused and helps avoid any wallet woes.πŸ’Έ
  2. Quality Over Quantity: It's better to have a few bras that fit well and last longer than a bunch that don't feel right. Look for good quality materials and construction.
  3. Sales and Discounts: Keep an eye out for sales, especially if you're shopping online. Signing up for store newsletters can give you a heads-up on upcoming deals.
  4. Eco-Friendly Options: Consider brands that use sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices. It's good for you and the planet! 🌱
  5. Mix and Match: Get a variety of styles for different needs – a couple of everyday bras, a sports bra, and maybe a fun bralette. This way, you're prepared for any outfit or occasion.
  6. Check the Return Policy: This is super important for online shopping, as it's crucial to have the option to return or exchange items if they don't fit perfectly. Luckily, with Bleuet's free return and exchange policy, you can shop with complete peace of mind.

Remember, bra shopping should be fun, not stressful. Take your time, explore your options, and choose bras that make you feel awesome. Happy shopping! πŸŒŸπŸ›’

Buying a Bleuet Bra

If you're on the hunt for the perfect teen bra, go check out Bleuet. We’re the best choice for many teens (plus some moms), and here's why:

Comfort Comes First

At Bleuet, comfort is not just a word; it's our promise. We understand that as a teen, you need a bra that feels like a second skin – comfy enough to wear all day, whether you're taking a test or chilling with friends. Our bras are designed to give you that "I forgot I was wearing it" feeling. 🌟

Styles for Every You

Your style is uniquely yours, and your bra should match that. Whether you're looking for something simple for everyday wear, a cute bralette for lazy weekends, or a supportive sports bra for gym class, Bleuet has got you covered. We've got a wide variety because we know one size doesn't fit all when it comes to personal style. 🎨

Growing With You

Your body is changing, and we totally get that. Bleuet bras are designed to grow with you. They're stretchy and adjustable, so they fit perfectly today and tomorrow. Plus, they're super durable, which means they'll last through all your adventures. 🌱

Kind to Your Skin and the Planet

We care about your skin and the environment. That's why our bras are made with skin-friendly materials that are also eco-conscious. So, not only do you get to feel good in your bra, but you also get to feel good about your impact on the planet. 🌍

More Than Just a Bra

When you buy a Bleuet bra, you're joining a community that's all about empowering teens like you. We're not just selling bras; we're here to support you as you grow, explore, and become the amazing person you're meant to be. πŸ’•


As we wrap up this guide on how to buy a bra, remember that the journey is all about finding what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and uniquely yourself. We believe in celebrating you just as you are and can't wait to be a part of your journey to self-love and confidence.Β 

Visit the Bleuet range and find your perfect fit today.🌈

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