Empathy: A Lesson for Us All

Empathy: A Lesson for Us All

Last week, we took the time to listen and learn from the African American community. We understand that we will never understand, but we can listen with an open heart without judgement or criticism. If we can sit with someone and truly see the experience through their eyes, it will change how we love and support them.

A few ways to teach kids empathy from Edutopia

1) Model the behavior & share experiences from other points of view

2) Use literature to teach different perspectives

Here is a great list of books on other races / ethnicities from A Mighty Girl

3) Teach them to "HEAR" when listening to others

HALT - Stop what you are doing to fully focus your attention on the speaker

ENGAGE - Actively listen with your body

ANTICIPATE - Look forward to what the speaker will share with you. Helps with motivation to listen.

REPLAY - Analyze & paraphrase what the speaker was saying. This will aid in understanding what the speaker said.

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