Emotions Don't Last Forever

Emotions Don't Last Forever

Good thing, right?!! Whew!!

If only our girls could learn / remember that emotions are temporary, I think it could really help them navigate those bad days. Those sad feelings will eventually go away and be replaced by another emotion. Although those sad, uncomfortable feelings do need to be felt, they are NOT facts! It took me a loooong time to learn this about emotions. I've learned to let them be, feel them, and that I won't always feel that way.

We created a few things to help her manage her emotions:

Table Talk / Journal Cards for 2020

Emotional Vocabulary

Emotions: A Daily Journal

Girls & Their Big Emotions: A Parents Guide to Helping Tween Girls Manage Their Emotions

Do you have a middle schooler who needs to hear this?? Perhaps you have one that catastrophizes thinking they will never recover from their bad day? Or one that's just getting on the roller coaster of emotions in puberty? Please share with whoever may need it!

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