Donate School Supplies or Sponsor a Classroom

Donate School Supplies or Sponsor a Classroom

As we get ready for the start of school and think about back-to-school shopping, we realize that not every girl's family can afford school supplies. It can be a very stressful time for some families. Last year, our family passed out backpacks to kids in need at a church-related event, and it was VERY eye-opening for our girls. They were shocked to realize that many kids cannot afford a backpack.

In starting Bleuet, we set out to empower ALL girls and help those in need have access to education and tools they need to learn.  So we've made a donation to Kids in Need Foundation to sponsor a local classroom in South Gate in the Los Angeles area. If you are interested, join us in donating to one of the many U.S. classrooms in Supply a Classroom or find a local organization in need.

Here are some other organizations that help kids in need with school supplies:

Kids in Need - proving school supplies for kids and classrooms

School on Wheels - providing educational resources to homeless kids

Develop Africa - providing school supplies to children in Africa

Operation Backpack - providing backpacks with school supplies for kids in various locations across the U.S.

Read this article in People magazine for more ideas.







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