The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a First Bra for a Teen

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a First Bra for a Teen

Growing up comes with all sorts of new experiences, and getting your first bra is definitely one of them. But let's be real, figuring out how to pick the right bra can feel a bit tricky. It's not just about buying a new piece of clothing; it's about understanding the changes your body is going through and finding something that feels comfortable and boosts your confidence.

That's where this guide comes in. We're here to help make things a bit easier. From knowing when it's the right time to start wearing one to finding the perfect fit and style, we've got all the info you need. 

So, let's turn this from a confusing task into a fun and empowering part of growing up. Ready to get started? Let's dive in.

Understanding the Right Time to Buy a First Bra

When it comes to getting your first bra, there's no magic age that fits everyone. It's a personal journey that's more about your body's changes during puberty than about how many candles are on your birthday cake. Every girl is different, and so is the way she grows. Some girls might start noticing changes as early as eight, while others might not until their early teens. And guess what? That's totally okay.

The important thing is to keep the conversation going about these changes. Puberty can feel a bit weird, and having someone to chat with can really help. Remind yourself that it's not a competition. There's no such thing as being 'behind' or 'ahead.' Everyone grows at their own speed, and that's something to be proud of.

So the best time to get a bra is when you feel ready. It might be when you start developing or when you want to feel more confident in certain outfits. It's a personal choice that should be respected and supported. After all, the goal isn't just to buy a bra but to help yourself feel comfortable and confident as you grow.

Choosing the Right Fit

Finding the right fit for your first bra is a bit like discovering your new favorite pair of shoes. It's not just about how it looks but also about how it makes you feel. A well-fitting bra can give you the support you need and make you feel more confident. 

Here's how to find your perfect fit:


  • It should hug your body nicely, not too tight, not too loose.
  • You should be able to slide a finger under the band easily, but it shouldn't be so loose that you can pull it away from your body.
  • If the band is digging into your skin or riding up your back, you might need a different size.


  • They should rest on your shoulders without slipping down or digging in.
  • If you find yourself constantly adjusting your straps, or if they're leaving marks on your shoulders, you might need to adjust them or try a different size.


  • They should cover your breasts completely without any gaps or overflow.
  • In instances where the breasts overflow or there is excess room in the cups, exploring alternative sizes or styles of bras may be necessary.

Remember, getting professionally measured can be super helpful, but there are also loads of online guides and resources that can guide you. Sizes can vary between brands, so it's always a good idea to try on a few different styles and sizes to find your perfect fit. Your dream bra is out there, and it's totally worth the hunt.

Selecting the Right Style

When it comes to choosing the right style for a first bra, it's all about comfort, support, and a dash of personal preference. Here are some styles to consider:

Bleum Bra

Our Bleum Bra is a fantastic first step. Each bra is designed with a super-soft, double-lined fabric that provides smooth coverage, making them a top pick for everyday wear. The fabric is a blend of performance, moisture-wicking polyester, and spandex, which means it's not only comfy but also helps to keep you dry throughout the day. This is especially important for young girls who are active and need a bra that can keep up with their lifestyle. It is available in sizes 8 to 24, providing coverage and support for AA to C cups. 

If you're looking for a good-fitting, everyday garment that fits just right, our Bleum Bra is a great place to start.

Aster Organic Bras

If you're all about eco-friendly choices, our Aster Organic Bra is for you. Our Aster Organic Tank and Racerback Bras are made with super soft TENCEL™ Lyocell organic cotton spandex jersey, which feels luxurious against the skin. This material is not only soft but also sustainable, making it a thoughtful choice for those mindful of their environmental footprint. Both these styles come with a comfort stretch band, adding that extra bit of support when needed. They cater to sizes 8 to 20, providing coverage for A to C cups. 

Want a bra that combines quality, support, and planet-friendliness, then our Aster Organic Bras are a great choice.

Iris Modal Soft Cup Bra

Our Iris Modal Soft Cup Bra is designed with more developed bodies in mind. It features a soft cup design and removable pads, providing more coverage and support to suit your everyday needs. Plus, it’s made with ultra-soft, sustainable TENCEL™ Modal fibers and spandex jersey. This material is not only perfect on the skin but also sustainable, aligning with the growing need for responsible clothing options. The Iris Soft Cup Bra caters to sizes 8 to 20, providing coverage and support for A to C cups. 

If you prioritize support, softness, and eco-consciousness, then our Iris Soft Cup bra is the ideal bra for you.

Bleum Bamboo Neutral Bra

Our Bleum Bamboo Neutral Bra is all about style, support, and sustainability. Designed in a range of beautiful neutral colors, it isideal for those who prefer a more understated look. But there's a fun twist – each bra comes with a reversible pop of color. Made from bamboo, this bra is not only ultra-soft and gentle, but it is also planet-friendly. Moreover, bamboo is a sustainable material that's known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making this bras a great choice for everyday wear, especially in warmer climates. They cater to sizes 8 to 22, providing coverage and support for A to C cups. 

Looking for a bra that's stylish, comfy, and aligns with your values? Then the Bleum Bamboo Neutral Bra is a great pick.

Bleum Active Bra

Our Bleum Active Bra is made for girls who are always on the go. Whether you're into sports, love to dance, or just have a packed school schedule, this bra is ready to move with you. Created from soft, moisture-wicking performance fabric, these bras make sure you stay comfy and dry no matter how active your day gets. This bra fits smoothly under your favorite shirt, jersey, or tank, making it a versatile choice for any outfit. Our Bleum Active Bra is available in sizes 8 to 20, providing coverage and support for A to C cups. 

Our Bleum Active Bras, is ready for action without skimping on fit or style.


Getting your first bra is a big deal. It's not just about bra shopping; it's a journey of growing up and discovering who you are. With a little help and a bunch of awesome options to choose from, finding your first bra can be a really cool experience.

The best bra is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, take your time, try out different styles, and enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life. After all, getting a bra isn't just about growing up; it's about becoming the best you can be.


How many bras should a girl have?

There's no set number, but it's a good idea to have at least three bras. This allows you to have one to wear, one to wash, and one to spare.


How often should a bra be replaced?

A bra should typically be replaced every six to twelve months, depending on how often it's worn and washed. If you notice signs of wear, like stretched bands or frayed fabric, it's time for a new bra.


How do I wash my bras?

All Bleuet bras can be machine washed with like colors in cold water. The Aster and Iris bras should be laid flat to dry, while Bleum bras, camisoles, and Chloe Seamless briefs can be tumble-dried on low. This ensures the longevity and quality of your bras.

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