Celebrate Every Tiny Victory

Celebrate Every Tiny Victory

What are your wins for today?

 Even if they are teeny tiny, baby victories, they still count!

In Brené Brown's recent podcast (her new one called "Unlocking Us," which I HIGHLY recommend) on "Grief and Finding Meaning," her guest and grief expert, David Kessler, said that in the midst of grief (which we are in right now, grieving the loss of normal life amongst death of loved ones, jobs, school, etc.) that it is important to celebrate your wins each day, no matter how small. Even if it is, "I took a shower today." I think this is important especially in our current state of overwhelm with juggling the homeschooling, cleaning, work, managing our own anxiety & that of our family, too, etc. Celebrating small achievements is key!

And what a great question to ask your family at the end of the day: What are your wins for the day?

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