Casey's Story

Casey's Story

Meet Casey.

Casey is a 9-year old girl living a busy life of school, after school activities, etc. What you wouldn’t know by looking at here is that she wears a cumbersome scoliosis brace for 21 hours every single day of her life. 

 After a doctor’s recommendation to find a comfortable and durable camisole to wear underneath the brace, Casey’s mom searched high and low to find the right camisole. Her search took months, but soon she discovered Bleuet’s Bleum camisole and ordered one to try. As it turns out, this cami was an “answered prayer” according to her mom. 

 It works best for Casey to wear the camisole inside out so that the shelf bra covers the brace, which prevents chafing from the brace. Because the Bleum camisole is made with breathable, performance fabric, it keeps Casey cool and dry while wearing the heavy brace each day. 

“Your camisoles are a godsend.  I truly don’t know what we would do without them.  Don’t know how many other scoliosis patients you may have but I’ve shared your site with our doctor in hopes that other girls will benefit from them too.”

 -Kari, Casey’s mom

We set out to design Bleuet for all girls to give them comfort and confidence and hope we can help more girls like Casey.

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