Bras for Girls with Sensory Processing Disorder

Bras for Girls with Sensory Processing Disorder

We are so thankful that we can help¬†the Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support community ūüíē

From the @sensoryprocessingspdps Instagram account:

I am asked so often where to buy #bras for our young ladies who struggle with what is available to them because everything is so itchy, uncomfortable and either has tags, seams or both. I finally found an answer with Bleuet!

Bleuet has created the most comfortable first bra for #tween and #teen #girls. Our bras are reversible (2 colors in one!) and designed for your active life. Ultra-soft, breathable, lightweight and itch-free.

It's more than just a first bra, it's an experience. You'll be excited to receive your bra packaged with some extra goodies.

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