Bras for Girls with Sensitive Skin

Bras for Girls with Sensitive Skin

Does your daughter have sensitive skin?

Our new Aster & Iris Bras made in sustainable fabrics are just for her! Super soft against the skin AND these natural fabrics are especially non-irritating.

Hear what moms are saying about them:

The Aster Bra

"My daughter has very sensitive skin and severe eczema. She was very discouraged that every bra we bought irritated her skin and became unwearable... until we found the Aster Organic Tank Bra. It is soft and gentle against her skin with minimal seams and no harsh exposed elastic. She was ecstatic to find such a comfortable bra and I'm thrilled that it's not making her eczema worse. Please make matching undies!"

The Iris Bra

"My 14yr old loves these bras, they are soft, comfortable and provide her with just the right amount of shape for a young teen. She has 4 and absolutely wears them every day!"

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