Assuming the Worst

Assuming the Worst


When it comes to analyzing someone else’s unhappiness or anger, do you ever jump to conclusions? Does your daughter? If you ever watched the movie Office Space, you’ll recall the “Jump to Conclusions” mat. Personally, I’ve got one in my garage as I am prone to this.

In The Curse of the Good Girl, author Rachel Simmons says that girls often assume the worst about their friends and situations with their friends. If they don’t know what someone means, they jump to their own worst conclusions. Simmons states that they:

  • Assume intentions

         -Girls often assume that their friends are leaving them out when they are   not.

  • Assume emotions

         -Girls try to figure out how their friends feel, which can lead to conflict when             you assume your friend is angry when she is not.

  • Falsely interpret body language

         -Body language is often difficult to read. Girls often read too much into                     observed body language and think the worst.

Teaching girls that there’s usually something else going on when someone is upset can help prevent the assumptions. If a friend is having a bad day, it usually has little to do with you. You also can’t read another person’s mind. And when in doubt, ask!

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