A Love for Foster Teens

A Love for Foster Teens

We want to spotlight 15-year old Hailey O’Donnell and what she continues to do for foster teens. She runs Hailey’s Haven, a non-profit that collects backpacks / book bags and fills them with essentials teens need each day to support their minds, bodies & spirits. It’s needed now more than ever.

“Imagine all the stress you have right now, plus not knowing where you are going to live next. It takes a village to raise a child,” said Hailey.

We’re proud to help sponsor her by giving her a portion of our Scrunchies for Good sales. This month, we are giving 50% of our proceeds to Hailey’s Haven. We also send Hailey any apparel that has been returned.

This photo is from last week right before a delivery. Follow Hailey at @Haileys.Haven on Instagram.

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