4 Tips to Build Confidence as School Starts

4 Tips to Build Confidence as School Starts

Heading back to school can bring about a lot of nerves, so our friends at DoSayGive are sharing four confidence-building tips to share with your daughter before school starts back up!

1. Practice good posture. Little things like sitting up straight and holding your head up can go a long way in conveying confidence, but these habits also make us more approachable to new friends!

2. Practice walking and sitting in what she plans to wear to school. When we wear clothes that make us feel comfortable (and not fidgety), we'll feel more self-assured in any setting. We love everything from Bleuet for this very thing!

3. Memorize a few easy conversation starters and practice them with your daughter. These can help when she gets nervous in the cafeteria or meeting someone new. Role playing potential conversations with peers can go a long way in helping with shyness.

4. Practice making eye contact. When we get nervous we often look down. Encourage your daughter to look at peers and teachers (and you!) in the eye when speaking — this is not only respectful, t projects confidence! If your daughter has a hard time with this, pass along our favorite trick: Look at the space between someone’s eyes!

For more tips like these, be sure to sign up for DoSayGive’s confidence-building etiquette course that's designed for girls ages 11-17 and covers topics like friendship, social media, and inclusivity. Use code BLEUET30 for 30% off the course at checkout! Follow on IG @dosaygive

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