Yes, We Have Tagless Bras

Tagless bra and itch free bras from Bleuet

Are you looking for tag free, itch free bras? 

Bleuet bras are tagless, free of any itchy, scratchy tags as well as seams. Our bras were created with the most sensitive in mind, so many of our customers are on the Autism Spectrum, have Sensory Processing Disorder, skin sensitivities or allergies and/or just general sensory issues. 

We want you to feel so comfortable that you forget you are wearing your bra. You'll be less distracted and more focused on doing things you love when you wear our tag free and itch free bras. 

Here is what our customers say:

"Perfect for my tween!
My 11 year old daughter has always had sensory issues, especially when it comes to clothing. So when it came time to choosing an everyday bra for her, I was so happy to come across these! They are so soft and comfortable, she absolutely loves wearing them! I would also like to mention that the color options are perfect for her!"
-Darlene S.
"Her reaction to the material itself says it all! My highly sensitive kid hates tags, certain materials, and anything too snug. These are absolutely perfect! She feels confident and will wear them willingly. Shared this with all her friends entering into this first stage of puberty. Will purchase again! Thank you!"
-Leslie P.

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