Sports Bras for Active Teens: Comfort and Support

A teen girl wearing a Bleuet bra throws a soccer ball in the air in a park.

Did you know the sports bra was invented in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl, Polly Smith, and Hinda Miller? [1] It wasn't just a piece of clothing; it was a revolution that empowered millions of female athletes to play their best game. Fast forward to today, where the best quality bra is a game-changer, helping you to feel confident, focused and ready to tackle anything. 💪

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the world of teen sports bras! So, whether you're acing your game on the court, running track, or just living your best active life, you’ll find the ideal style for you.

Key Features to Look for in Teen Sports Bras

A photo of the Bleum Active Bra in pink.

Finding the perfect sports bra is like discovering the perfect pair of sneakers; when you find the right one, it totally changes the game. 

Understanding Support and Comfort

Here's your go-to guide for selecting the right sports bra that keeps you comfortable and supported, no matter the activity:

  • Match the Support to Your Activity: The level of support you need depends on what you're doing. For instance, high-impact activities like running, basketball, or soccer require a style with more compression to keep everything in place. For lower-impact activities like yoga or walking, a less structured, more flexible style is fine.
  • Comfort Is Crucial: Your bra should feel comfortable from the moment you put it on. Look for features like wide straps, a soft underband, and breathable fabric. It should fit snugly but not be so tight that it digs in or restricts your movement. Try doing some jumps or stretches when trying one on to ensure it stays in place and doesn't chafe.

Materials Matter

Not all sports bras are created equal. The secret to finding the best ones? Look at the material. Fabrics like bamboo are not just soft; they're also great for keeping you dry and odor-free, even if you forget to wash them right away. 

Here's what to look for:

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: These materials zap sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and comfy, whether you're hitting the gym hard or just out on a sunny day.
  • Softness and Stretch: Make sure the material feels soft to dodge any itchiness and stretches enough to groove with you. Yet, it should snap back to its original fit after you've done your thing. 
  • Durability and Maintenance: Pick a bra that can take the wear and tear of washes without losing its shape or fading. Bonus if it's machine washable and stays awesome without extra fuss.
  • Adjustable Features: Styles with adjustable straps or bands can help you get a more personalized fit, which is especially helpful as you grow. 🤗

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Sports Bra

A photo of the Aster Organic Racerback Sports Bra in beige.

Getting the right fit for teen sports bras is about more than just size; it's about comfort, functionality, and how it complements your active lifestyle. 

Check out these three key points to keep in mind:

1. Measure Correctly

Nailing your measurements is the ultimate first move to snagging that just-right fit. Here's the lowdown on how to do it:

  • How to Measure: Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your ribcage, right under your bust, for your band size. Then, measure around the fullest part of your bust for your bust size. The difference between these numbers often helps determine your cup size.
  • Consult Size Charts: Got your numbers? Awesome! Now, match them up with the brand’s size chart. Since every brand is like its own universe when it comes to sizing, this step is super crucial.
  • Understand the Fit: Your band should hug you tight but not be a squeeze fest, and the cups should totally cover your bust without any spillover or weird gaps.

If you would like some more information, check out our guide on ‘How should a sports bra fit?’ ✨ 

2. The Right Bra for the Right Activity

Adjustable features can make a big difference in making sure you have the right bra for the right activity. 

  • Why It’s a Must: Bodies change, workouts evolve, and your sports bra should keep pace. Adjustable straps and bands mean your bra can flex with you, keeping the fit spot-on through all those changes.
  • What to Scout For: Look beyond the usual hook-and-eye. Some bras step it up with Velcro, zip fronts, or unique clasps that not only give you more control over the fit but can also amp up the comfort level.

3. Consider Your Wardrobe

Your sports bra isn’t just for the gym; it’s part of your daily wardrobe. So, definitely consider how it will integrate with your existing outfits. 🌈

  • Match Your Outfits: Think about the tops you’ll wear most often and how your sports bra will look underneath them. For example, certain styles, like racerbacks, work well with tank tops or open-back shirts.
  • Versatility: Some styles can be worn alone as a top, offering a sporty look for casual wear. If you prefer a seamless look under clothes, opt for bras with smooth lines and minimal seams.
  • Color Coordination:🎨While functionality is key, choosing colors that match or complement your workout wardrobe can make getting ready for a workout more enjoyable and boost your confidence. 

Discover the Perfect Fit With Sports Bras by Bleuet

The logo of Bleuet.

At Bleuet, we're not just about creating apparel; we're about empowering young athletes through our specially designed sports bras. Our goal is to support girls, tweens, and teens through every sprint, jump, and game, ensuring they feel confident in their own skin.🌟

Our collection is crafted from the finest organic materials, offering gentleness on the skin and kindness to the environment. This means every young athlete can focus on their performance with the assurance of sustainable support. 

Highlights from our extensive collection include:

  • Bleum Active Bra: Engineered for high performance, this sports bra is made from a durable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling dry during high-energy activities. Its sleek design offers optimal flexibility, making it essential for young athletes seeking both style and functionality.
  • Aster Organic Tank Bra: Crafted from soft, organic cotton, this tank offers everyday comfort with a touch of stretch for flexibility. Ideal for light activities, it combines eco-friendly materials with a classic design.
  • Aster Organic Racerback Bra: Soft and sustainable, this racerback gives you the freedom to move any way you want. Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey, it’s breathable for practice or performance and comes in fun, reversible colors.
  • Bleum Racerback: Featuring a stretchy, soft fabric, this racerback is designed for active girls. It provides extra support coverage with a thicker lining than the Bleum Bra. Plus, its seamless construction minimizes irritation, making it ideal for physical activities.

Our collection is designed to cater to your unique needs, providing the perfect fit for every body type. Sizes range from 8 to 24 and from AA to C cups, ensuring a snug fit for athletes of all ages and stages. Plus, with our 60-day free returns and exchanges policy, finding the best style, whether a sports bra, training bra, or padded bra, is completely worry-free.

Explore our collection today and experience the difference with Bleuet's sports bras, where innovation meets sustainability. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best teen sports bra is more than just about comfort and support; it's about empowerment. In other words, it's about stepping onto the field or the court with confidence, knowing you're ready to take on any challenge. So, take your time, find your perfect match, and get ready to play your best game yet.




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