How to Go Bra Shopping With Your Kid

Mom and teen girl bra shopping.

Ah, bra shopping. It's like the puberty rite of passage that nobody really prepares you for, right?

Whether you're tiptoeing into this new phase with your tween or navigating the choppy waters of teenhood, finding that first, perfect bra for your kid can feel a bit like uncharted territory. It's a delicate balance between celebrating growth and mourning the baby years, all wrapped up in a shopping trip. 

But fear not! This guide's here to walk you through every step, making sure that finding the best bras for teens is more of a bonding experience than a battleground.

Understanding the Basics: What You Need to Know Before You Go Shopping

This journey can be smoother with a little know-how up your sleeve. Here's a breakdown of the basics to help you start on the right foot – or, should we say, the right fit!

  • Timing the Transition: Wondering when should girls start wearing bras? The reality is that it can vary greatly as everyone develops at their own pace. Generally, it might be time to consider one when breasts begin to develop, and there's a need for more coverage, which can start as early as eight or as late as 14. Observing your child's comfort and any physical changes can help guide this decision, making it a personal choice rather than adhering to a specific age.
  • Measuring Up: Don't just guess the size! A proper fitting is crucial in ensuring the right support. You can do this at home with a measuring tape or seek professional help in a store. Remember, a well-fitting bra should feel snug around the band without being too tight and provide comfort without discomfort. And, if you would like more insights, feel free to check out our blog on ‘How to Measure for First Bra.’
  • Material Matters: Look for breathable, soft fabrics that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Cotton is always a good bet, but there are also fantastic moisture-wicking materials available in sports bras that are perfect for active girls.
  • Adjustability Is Key: Teens are still growing, so choosing styles with adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures can provide a better fit for longer. This flexibility allows you to adjust for minor changes in size and shape.
  • Learning the Lingo: Understanding terms like "band size," "cup size," and "sister sizing" can demystify the process for both of you. A quick tutorial online before you hit the stores can make the experience less overwhelming.

Understanding Teen Bra Types

Teen girls wear Bleuet’s Bleum Training Bras in purple and beige.

The world of teen bras can feel like entering a new universe, especially when you're just starting out. Therefore, let’s demystify the different types available and help you understand which might be the best fit for your daughter's needs and lifestyle. 

Training Bras: Your First Step

Bleuet’s Bleum Training Bras in pink-toffee

The journey often begins with the training bra designed for those at the earliest stages of development. Take, for example, the Bleum Bra, which offers a soft introduction to this new phase. Not only is it made from lightweight fabric, but its snug fit helps to provide just the right amount of support for starters.

Convertible Bras: The Flexible Fashion Fix

When adaptability is key, convertible bras stand out. With their adjustable straps that can be changed to match various dress styles, these bras are a smart, all-around choice. From one-shoulder tops to halter necklines, they can adapt seamlessly, providing a practical solution for every fashion scenario.

Soft-Cup Bras: Seamless Support

When the goal is to achieve a smooth look under snug-fitting clothes, the soft-cup bra is your best friend. The Iris Soft Cup Bra, for instance, is designed to offer seamless support, ensuring a sleek silhouette under any outfit. This style blends the comfort you crave with the discreet coverage you need, making it a go-to for achieving that polished look.

Sports Bras: For the Active Spirit

Bleuet’s Active Sports Bra for teens.

For the girl who lives to move, a sturdy sports bra is essential. A fantastic example of this is the Bleum Active Bra. It is engineered to keep everything securely in place, thereby minimizing discomfort during physical activities. So, whether your girl is into sports, dance, or any other high-energy pursuit, this bra ensures they’re supported, allowing her to focus solely on the activity at hand.

Bralettes: Stylish Yet Functional

Bleuet’s Chloe V-Neck Bralette for teens.

Bralettes are perfect for everyday wear because they effortlessly combine function with fashion. They are super versatile, serving as excellent layering pieces while also looking cute on their own. This makes them perfect for the easygoing yet fashionable lifestyle of young girls.

Wireless Bras: Comfort is King

In the world of bras, wireless options reign supreme for those who prioritize comfort. These dispel the myth that support can only come with wires, offering a snug fit that's gentle yet effective. Perfect for long days, they ensure they feel good from dawn till dusk, proving that you don't have to sacrifice anything for support. 

Racerback Bras: Sporty and Stylish

Bleuet’s Aster Organic Racerback Bra for teens.

Racerback bras are perfect for active days or pairing with certain top designs. With options like the Aster Organic Racerback Bra, you enjoy not only the function needed for physical activities but also the versatility to wear with a variety of tops, showcasing how functionality and style can beautifully coexist.

Full-Coverage Bras: Modesty Meets Support

Bleuet’s Bleum Petal Padded Bra for teens.

Full-coverage styles are the answer for those who prefer a more covered look without sacrificing style. Padded bra options from brands like Bleuet not only offer the coverage some seek but also do so with a keen eye on aesthetic appeal, ensuring that feeling secure doesn't mean compromising on style.

Bra Shopping Tips

Mum and teen girl hugging at home.

Armed with the essentials, you're ready to go first bra shopping. But let's pause for a moment. Approaching this next phase with compassion is just as crucial as knowing the difference between a sports bra and a soft cup.

The bra shopping journey can stir a mix of emotions, not just for them but also for you. It's a moment marked by growth and change, requiring sensitivity, open-mindedness, and a touch of grace. 

With that in mind, here are some heart-centered tips to guide you through this experience, making sure it's as affirming for your girl as possible.

Reflect on Your Feelings First

Before discussing this next chapter with your child, take a moment to reflect on your feelings about puberty and body changes. This self-reflection is key to ensuring your insecurities or anxieties don't inadvertently influence the conversation. Remember, your role is to be a safe and supportive guide, so being mindful of your emotions sets the stage for a positive experience.

Seek Their Consent

When approaching sensitive topics like body changes, it’s important to ask for your child's permission. A simple, “Is it okay if we talk about finding a bra that feels right for you?” acknowledges their autonomy. For non-binary and transgender children, it's also important to respect how they refer to their bodies, using language they are comfortable with.

Normalize Their Feelings

It's important to reinforce that all feelings and bodily changes during this period are completely normal. Whether your child feels pride, indifference, or distress about this next stage, validate their feelings. This normalization helps in dismantling harmful societal standards about body image and fosters a healthier self-view.

Focus on Comfort and Fit

The primary goal in choosing a bra should be comfort and the right fit, rather than aesthetics alone. Encourage your teen to consider how it feels on their body, possibly even moving around a bit to ensure it feels good when in action. Hence, discuss whether they'd prefer padding, an active bra, or a chest binder, always keeping safety in mind.

Establish Boundaries With Compassion

Should your child’s preferences venture beyond what you’re comfortable with, approach the situation with curiosity rather than confrontation. Ask questions to understand their viewpoint, and if necessary, gently establish boundaries. This approach respects their perspective while guiding them toward appropriate choices.

Why Choose Bleuet for Your Daughter's Bra Shopping Journey 

The logo of Bleuet.

Bra shopping with your daughter is a big deal, and here at Bleuet, we totally understand that. We're here to make this experience not just easier but also empowering for you and your girl. 

Here’s why Bleuet should be your go-to for a teen girl’s bra:

  • Ease and Comfort: Specially designed for young girls, our collection makes the whole adventure comfortable and upbeat . Our gentle, supportive designs are perfect for growing bodies, guaranteeing your daughter's first experience is filled with smiles and confidence.
  • Quality and Sustainability: Opting for Bleuet means you're choosing garments that feel amazing and are made with the planet in mind. Every purchase champions sustainable practices, making your choice a win for both your daughter and Mother Earth.
  • Empowering Experience: We're all about celebrating your girl's transition into womanhood with a collection that is comfy, stylish, and fits just right. With sizes for everyone and hassle-free returns, we make sure finding the perfect style is a breeze.
  • Championing a Greater Cause: Our thoughtful return policy means lightly worn returns help foster teens, giving back with every purchase. Hence, shopping with Bleuet is more than just buying a bra; it’s about being part of a community that cares.

So, explore our collection today and let's make a positive difference together!  

Final Thoughts

Shopping with your daughter is a unique chapter in your life, filled with opportunities for growth, bonding, and mutual understanding. By focusing on open communication, respect for feelings, and prioritizing a good fit, you'll not only find the perfect bra but also strengthen your relationship during these formative years. 

Remember, this experience is more than just about bra shopping; it's about supporting your daughter's journey into confidence and self-awareness. With the right approach and a little help from Bleuet, you're set to make it a positive, affirming adventure. 


How to calculate bra size?

To calculate bra size, you'll need two measurements: the band size (measured around the ribcage, directly under the bust) and the bust size (measured at the fullest part of the bust). Subtract the band size from the bust size to find your cup size.


Which bra is best for a girl?

The best bra for a girl is one that fits well, offers the right level of support for her activities, and feels comfortable. For younger girls or those just starting to wear bras, soft cup bras or training bras are often ideal. As they grow, they can explore different types based on their lifestyle and comfort needs.


What age is appropriate for a push-up bra?

The appropriateness of a push-up bra depends more on the individual's maturity and comfort level rather than a specific age. To this end, open communication about body image and self-esteem is key to deciding together when or if a push-up bra is appropriate.

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