How to Choose the Right Dance Bra for Young Performers

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Dancing is all about expressing yourself, feeling the music, and, most importantly, having fun. But for your teen to give it their all, they need to feel comfortable and supported, right down to their dance bra. It's not just about the right fit; it's about making sure they step onto the dance floor feeling confident and ready to move without a second thought about their outfit.

Keeping this in mind, our guide is here to help you and your teen pick out the perfect dance bra. One that not only fits well but also lets them shine in every performance. So, let's dive into finding that ideal partner that matches your teen's style and the demands of their routines.

How Is a Dance Bra Different From a Regular Bra?

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When picking out bras for your girl, it's important to know that those designed for dance offer additional support and are crafted to accommodate the flexibility required for performing, unlike regular bras.


Dance Bras

Regular Bras


They are crafted with moisture-wicking fabric, keeping your teen dry and comfortable during intense sessions. This special fabric pulls sweat away from the skin, a must-have for any active performer.

These typically lack moisture-wicking capabilities, which can lead to discomfort during physical activities. They're fine for daily wear but might not keep your teen as dry and comfortable during the dance.

Flexibility and Support

Made to support dynamic movements, dance bras ensure everything stays in place, offering the perfect blend of flexibility and support.

While comfortable for everyday wear, regular bras often can't provide the specialized support and flexibility needed for certain movements.


Dance bras are built to withstand the demands of frequent practices and performances, maintaining their shape and support over time.

Regular bras might wear out more quickly when subjected to the rigorous activity levels of performances.


Featuring adjustable straps and bands, these can be fine-tuned for a perfect fit, accommodating growth and ensuring the bra stays secure during all movements.

These often have limited adjustability, which can lead to a less-than-perfect fit during active use, requiring more frequent adjustments.

How to Choose the Perfect Dance Bra

As also highlighted above, picking the right bras for dance is important for any young dancer's comfort and confidence, no matter if they're stepping into a ballet class or gearing up for a hip-hop session. 

Here's how to make sure you find the best fit for your girl:

1. Getting the Size Just Right

Grab a measuring tape to ensure you're starting off with the correct size. The goal is to have a supportive dance bra that also feels super comfortable. And remember, with kids growing as fast as they do, it's wise to check their measurements regularly to keep up with any changes!

2. Look for Adjustable Features

Choosing bras with adjustable straps and bands is also key, as they provide the versatility to accommodate your girl's changing body, maintaining a secure fit. This adaptability is important for consistent support and comfort, preventing the bra from shifting during routines.

3. Ensure the Right Amount of Support

Different performances require varying levels of support. For the elegance of ballet, a bra with gentle support is ideal, allowing for fluid movement. On the other hand, more energetic dances like hip-hop or contemporary require a bra that can keep everything in place, no matter how dynamic the performance is. So, choose a bra with higher compression and support that's up to the task, ensuring comfort and confidence on stage.

4. Consider the Material

Opt for fabrics that are kind to the skin and manage moisture well, keeping your girl dry and comfortable, even during the most intense rehearsals. Soft, breathable materials are crucial for avoiding any distractions, allowing her to concentrate fully on her performance.

5. Think About the Costume

The dance bra should work invisibly beneath costumes, maintaining the intended look of the outfit. Seamless and smooth options are perfect under leotards or form-fitting costumes, ensuring the focus remains on the skill and presentation. For quick changes or specific costume designs, bras with clear straps or minimal show-through designs are incredibly practical.

6. Test the Range of Motion

When selecting a dance bra, it's essential to ensure that it permits a full range of motion. The ideal choice should allow your girl to stretch, leap, and twist without restriction or discomfort. It should stay in place during various dance moves, eliminating the distraction or need for constant readjustment. 

Elevate Every Dance Move With Dance Bras from Bleuet

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Bleuet is here to make every dancer feel confident as they move. Our mission is to support girls, tweens, and teens through every pirouette and leap, ensuring they feel confident and unrestricted. 

Our bras are crafted with the softest organic materials that are gentle on the skin and kind to the planet. This means that girls can give their all to their performance, empowered by gear that cares for them as well as the planet.

Highlights from our collection of dance bras include:

  • Bleum Active Bra: Perfect for those young girls who push their limits, this is one of our dance bras with support. Its moisture-wicking fabric ensures you remain dry and comfortable through the most intense routines. Designed for flexibility, it moves with you, fitting seamlessly under both practice wear and costumes. This bra is the go-to choice for dancers who prioritize both functionality and style in their wardrobe.
  • Aster Organic Tank Bra: For the girl seeking comfort in every move, this tank bra is made from organic cotton with just the right amount of stretch. It's perfect for long rehearsals or as a cozy option under day-to-day attire, offering a sustainable solution without compromising on comfort or style.
  • Aster Organic Racerback Bra: Embrace full mobility with this racerback bra, crafted from the softest TENCEL™ Lyocell Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey. It's not just about the breathable, eco-friendly fabric – its reversible color design adds a touch of fun to your dance gear, ensuring you look as good as you feel.
  • Bleum Racerback: Designed for a girl who knows how to move, this bra provides enhanced support and coverage with a thicker lining, while its seamless construction aims to eliminate irritation. Whether you're practicing new choreography or looking for a bra for a dance costume, this style is built to keep you focused on your performance.

Our dance bra collection is thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of active girls, providing the perfect blend of fit for every body type. With sizes ranging from 8 to 24 and AA to C cups, we ensure a snug fit for dancers at all stages of their journey. Plus, with our 60-day free returns and exchange policy, finding the ideal fit is hassle-free. 

This is not all! From training bras to padded bras, we offer a wide range of options to meet your needs. So, explore our collection today and discover the perfect blend of style, support, and sustainability for your dancer's needs.

Final Thoughts

The right dance bra is a foundational element of a young performer's attire, not just for comfort, but also for confidence. By choosing a bra that is specifically designed for the rigors of dance, parents and guardians can ensure that their young dancers are well-supported and can focus on their technique and expression without any unnecessary distractions. 

To this end, Bleuet's range of dance bras offers the ideal combination of support, style, and sustainability, ensuring that every young dancer can find the perfect fit for their body and their art. Simply, with the right dance bra, every movement is elevated, and every performance is empowered.


Which type of bra is best for dance performance?

For dance performances, a dance-specific bra like those offered by Bleuet is ideal. These bras are designed with the dancer's need for flexibility, support, and discretion in mind, ensuring they stay comfortable and confident on stage.


Should I wear a sports bra for dance?

Absolutely! For teens, both sports bras and dance bras can be suitable options depending on personal comfort preferences and the nature of the dance. Sports bras offer robust support and are great for high-impact routines or practice sessions, ensuring everything stays in place. On the other hand, dance bras are specifically designed to offer the flexibility and discreteness needed for a wide range of dance costumes and styles, providing both the necessary support and the ability to perform complex movements without restrictions.


Do dancers wear bras under their leotards?

Yes, dancers often wear bras under their leotards for additional support, especially in dance routines that demand high movement and support. For instance, Bleuet's dance bras are designed to be discreet and comfortable under leotards, offering the necessary support while remaining invisible.

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