Your First Bra

Stories from the Front Line

Mom! Stop Laughing!

Let's face it! We all have an embarrassing, awkward or funny first bra experience? If so, let me know! 


I recall my mother lobbing bras over the door of the dressing room while giggling. I wanted to find a hole, crawl in it and never come out.

AMB, Virginia

My friend told my mom I needed a bra so I wouldn’t be a nerd ....and my mom said something like “a bra? For what? She doesn’t have anything to fill it out with”

Kara, Texas
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She needs Bleuet, not lingerie

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Oh! Mom!

I remember buying mine from a scary big-bosomed lady with very bright red lips at Sanger Harris. I thought I would die

Liz, CEO Bleuet

 I was too embarrassed to ask my mom for one, so I sewed one out of my underwear

Lisa, CA