Connector: Getting Started

How to Get Started

We make it easy to build your Tribe.  Each Connector will receive a starter kit that includes the core samples from the Trueli Girl collection.  From there you will create a log-in and be able to review and download our step-by-step training guide designed specifically for new ambassadors.  Your coach, along with our network of Trueli mentors, will be with you every step of Trueli journey

Step 1

Register, Read and Connect

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Step 2

Get Ready to be True

Connect with your Mentor (Don’t worry, we’ll connect you)

Login to the Ambassador Connection portal

Set up your Connection site.

Dive in to our step-by-step Trueli Conversation Training

Explore our digital connection materials, including invite templates, conversation starters, host ideas and more.

Step 3

Choose a Starter Collection

In addition to a curated selection of Trueli Girl samples, each collection includes valuable tools and resources to help you create true and authentic conversations with your tribe. Each starter collections includes first year Books, study guides, digital templates and ideas to host your first Trueli Conversations meeting.  


Step 4

Create Connections

Get your first True(li) Conversation on the calendar!

Find out how to get involved in your local community.

Attend “Be True” our annual Ambassador conference in Los Angeles CA!


Step 4


Get Involved! Be Present!