Bleuet Girls

We invest in girls by partnering with girl entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give girls more - more opportunities, more voice, more say.

Why Bleuet Girls

Our Vision is to equip all girls with confidence and knowledge about themselves and inspiring them to power our future world. 

Our goal is to empower and support young female entrepreneurs by supporting their passion, vision, mission and business.

Hailey's Haven

Dedicated to teens helping teens that are going through difficult life and housing transition.  Started by a teen to help teens. 

Meet Hailey
Sew Awesome

Sewing Seeds International is a non-profit organization helping women and children in Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Peru and Mexico.

Meet Ella
Khloe Kares

To make the world a better place, by showing ALL of my neighbors that they are loved and cared for, no matter what their situation is.

Meet Khloe
For Her, For Good
Scrunchies for Good

With each Scrunchie purchase, $1 will go towards supporting Bleuet Girls.

Minimizing Waste!

Instead of creating more apparel waste that heads straight to a landfill, our super soft scrunchies are made with love out of the excess fabric from our Bleuet apparel.

Mission-Driven Apparel
Protect Women in Fashion

98% of the global apparel industry is women, and they do not earn enough to meet their basic needs. This is unacceptable, and we demand better wages and working conditions for them.

Better Options for Girls

We believe girls deserve better age-appropriate options when it comes to undergarments for their growing bodies. They don't need lingerie, they need Bleuet.

Investing in Girls

We invest in girls through our Bleuet Girl program, partnering with girl entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give girls more - more opportunities, more voice, more say, etc.

Think you have the next BIG IDEA.  Or passion to empower girls! 
Become a Bleuet Girl

We are excited to support ideas, entrepreneurs and female founders whose ideas combine mission and business through social entrepreneurship.  

Bleuet Girl is designed to reward girl founders and entrepreneurs.  Bleuet Labs winners have the opportunity to have their products and services featured in our Bleuet Girl shipments.


1. Founder / CEO must be between the ages of 8-18 years old. 

2. Ideas and products must be non-perishable as it is difficult to ship food, plants and perishable goods with our Bleuet apparel shipments. 

3. We encourage that any products and services be designed for  ages 8-18, which is Bleuet's customer base. 

Submission Guidelines: 
1. Tell us your origin story. Why are you your passionate about this idea? 
2. Describe your vision and goals.  
3. Is it a product or service? Do you have samples? Yes / No. 
4. What is your price point? 
5. What is your website URL or Instagram handle? 

Become a Bleuet Girl